Thursday, 17 May 2012

Long time no post!! Fanni has been a slack old sausage....what with bad boys, and bunnies, making wedding flower's and making shoes! oh yes SHOES..i made my first ever pair of shoes something i had been wanting to do all my life , well i went to load of old cobbler's and met the divine Nina and Clurr..i had a great day eating chatting having much fun and oh yes finally i made a pair of blumming shoes!...., well at some point me and' A load of old Cobbler's' are going to do a great give-away!!! keep your eyes peeled for that! wet your  appetites i am going to give away a Fanni loves Fufu voucher worth £20.00....i am at  3380 ish likers and i would love to get to 3500 liker's ..So the deal..if you can encourage your chummies to come and like my page the person with the most referrals will win the prize voucher, you can use it yourself, or you can donate it or use it as a gift..i will present it beautifully and send it to the winner or whoever the winner nominates !
Got to show you my new sewing scissors' check out these's pair of Rabbit scissor..had to didn't i?lol

Thursday, 17 March 2011

So much to do, so little time!

I have been busy this past few days, turning the eldest boy's bedroom into my Fanni loves Fufu headquarters! I have bought a couple of retro pieces of furniture and am now stuffing them to the gills with my materials! I cannot wait to get into my bespoke headquarters, and have my stash safely all around me at long last.....! I can then churn out Fanni loves fufu goodies to my hearts content! I have been slowly working on my commissions now I have the room unpacked I can charge full steam ahead! A minor setback was the cat knocking my jewellery findings tray over, they were hopelessly mixed up on the floor!...hours of work luck would have it... son Joey's girlfriend, Catt volunteered to sit like Cinderella for most of the day sorting it all out...will have to do something special for her as she did an amazing job!
Have had a lovely evening doing some hand sewing today on the hedgehog tea cosy I am making, and while I was sat on the sofa, the four baby bunnies kept running up to me and licking me and wanting to play, I will so miss these happy little 'accidents' when they go, but I will not let them go to just anybody I would rather keep them forever than that! Tomorrow my friend Jade is going to pop around in her pyjama's..she is wearing them all day for 'Comic Relief' the real reason she is coming around is to 'Sex' our little babies, Jade is a rabbit breeder! I wonder if their little nicknames will match their sex?
Yesterday I had to take the lovely John Joseph Rambo Robinson my 'Boss Bun' to the vet, he has a chest infection and an allergy to flea's....the cat gave them him! so that was an injection and some flea treatment for my slightly hairless on his undercarriage bunny! Honey the cat is on a sticky wicket this week! Am posting a picture and it show's Catt with the lovely Johnny rabbit and Saffi Serendipity Millicent Moffat, his bonded female partner 'chilling' together! Can you guess which rabbit is which?

so much to do so little time

so much to do so little time

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sunny Day!

From Gales on Friday, snow in Scotland to fabulous sunshine ...I mean where in the world in less than two days can you experience this? I love the sunshine, always makes me feel so happy, don't like the heat but the winter ray's are just right! Last week I spent a whole day outside working, making my jewellery and doing my knitting. With me outside was one of our house bunnies, Levi, he is a lodger really belongs to my rabbity friend Jade. Levi is a gorgeous little blue eyed white rabbit and the first bunny that I have encountered that makes a sort of 'Meep' noise..hilarious when you first hear him...and so endearing when you grow to love him like I have! I'm not sure now that I want to part with him, I probably will have to offer to buy him even though we have seven house rabbit's of our own! I love rabbits so much they quite often feature in the work that i do, more recently i have been knitting these cute tea cosies, I like to knit them with a white rabbit, seems somehow more magical! Although one of the first rabbits I knitted was the black one, and I gave him a lovely big red cashmere heart and mis-matched vintage button eyes! Thank fully I still have photo's of these bunnies as they are now with new owner's! Just looking around now as I write, my little four baby rabbits are creating havoc with my charms and beads, and trying to eat my fimo rabbit pendants I have got ready to sell....would that make them virtual cannibals? Which reminds me of a weird rabbity fact I read, that wild rabbits will actually eat road kill in times of hunger.....and with that thought I wish you good night from me and good night from them!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Virtual Journeys.....

last night I spent all night up until 6am doing a virtual tour of Australian craft pages through my Facebook business page Fanni loves Fufu, I met some lovely people there, doing amazing craft's....... and what I loved about my virtual journey was the fact I was able to do this just sat here looking at a screen and typing on a packing, no fearful plane journey and no jet lag! One of the most adorable pages I found is Fairy me by Targa, a wonderful lady in love with nature and all things Fae! She creates fabulous photographs using your own pictures and lovely photographic settings she has discovered herself! Go have a look, her magical power's have entranced me!
As well as my magical mystical journey I was lured by eBay and found myself buying some miniature Kewpie dolls to turn into brooches and necklaces......I have this fascination with Rosie O' Neill's cute little creation, the ones I have bought are contemporary and are originally sourced from Japan... Oh how I wish I could drag myself away from the grip of evil eBay ! Lol.
Poor JAPAN, the feeling of such helplessness over the disaster and death's, it makes me feel very small and useless in the scheme of things, and as a Mother and 'life-giver' I cannot begin to feel the sadness of all the waste of life, the turmoil, stress and fear... and what to do to help? A friend Mummy Lynne suggested giving money to a disaster fund for Japan, or even running an auction on Facebook to raise money.....any more idea's friends?